Law of Human Attraction, Graham Cox

By HR CLUB on 17 February 2016

As HR professionals, we all know that people are a company’s most important asset. At HR Club, we will always try and stimulate even more innovation and learning to help you get the most out of managing your company’s most important asset. This includes a series of world-class events.
In September, we welcomed the high profile international speaker Graham Cox QCVS from Scotland to talk about the Law of Human Attraction. To a sell-out audience he delivered an interesting and entertaining full day event on the application of the Law of Human Attraction in business.
The event began with an original talk on the Human Mind and how we make decisions. Of course, not everything is as it seems and some interesting examples showed how we often make decisions based on feelings rather than reason even though we might not realize it.  As we all know the human brain is wonderful at conserving energy – so if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then we often assume it is a duck….
Next was an interactive session on why we like and trust certain people and not others.  Naturally, being liked is important; if we are liked then people will listen to us. And if we are liked and trusted then people are more likely to say ‘yes’ to us. Interestingly, our sub-conscious minds control most of our feelings of ‘liking’. The more we like someone or something the more dopamine our brains produce; and so if we can stimulate the production of dopamine in someone then the more they will like us. Curiously, we ‘like’ someone’s scent if it is familiar even though we cannot consciously smell it.
This was followed by a unique and innovative session on Persuasion. As HR professionals, we know that the true art of persuasion is getting people to do things that they would normally do.  As we learnt, persuasion skills are essential to enable people to achieve more than they originally thought possible. 
By the end of the day, time felt like it had flown by. It was a wonderfully entertaining event.

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