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Five Suggestions for Leaders in Disruptive Times

By HR Club on 17 August 2018

For many of today’s corporate leaders, this current period of turbulence in everything from GDP growth to commodity prices to the pace of product innovation is more extreme than anything they have known before.

When faced with turbulent times there tends to be a dichotomy in responses that’s evident not just in business but in politics and society too. Some people want to retreat to familiar territory, to try and make life more predictable again. Others choose to reach out to embrace the change. Read more >>>


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News and Articles

By HR Club on 12 July 2018
Anyone who’s ever held a job has had an “employee experience.” But were you to ask ten different people to tell you exactly what an employee (read more...)
By HR Club on 07 June 2018
On June 5, 2018, HR Club launched the project "Your First Job", in partnership with Scoala de Valori. 50 high school students and university (read more...)
By HR CLUB on 29 January 2018
There is a special kind of boss. The one who fills up every room with their big ego and even bigger heart. Who voices the hard truths without making (read more...)


By HR Club on 11 December 2018
The CIPD, in collaboration with the European Association for People Management (EAPM), has developed a survey to take a bi-annual snapshot of the (read more...)
By HR CLUB on 22 February 2017
The Egon Zehnder 2016 Global Board Diversity Analysis (GBDA) is the most comprehensive to date, evaluating board data from 1,491 public companies (read more...)
By HR CLUB on 06 February 2017
 Manpower Group asked 18,000 employers in 43 countries about the likely impact of automation on headcount in the next two years, Which functions (read more...)

Legislative News

By HR CLUB on 20 November 2017

Note:  The information contained in this article shall not be construed as legal advice.

On Thursday, 16 November, the Government sent for publication a normative act (Emergency Ordinance no. 82/2017, further on referred to as GEO 82/2017) imposing on all employers the obligation to initiate the collective negotiations with their employees with regard to the implementation of the new provisions of the Fiscal Code whereby the social security contributions were transferred from the employers to employees (changes made by GEO no. 79/2017). Obviously, the intent was to find a way in which the employers will be pressured to increase the gross salaries significantly so that the net salaries of the employees are not reduced once the changes to the Fiscal Code become applicable.

The obligation to start collective negotiations applies both if there is no collective labour agreement or collective accord in place, as well as if there is a collective labour agreement or collective accord. In the latter situation, the obligation is to negotiate the conclusion of an addendum to the existing collective labour agreement/accord. Continue reading here.


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