HR Club members list

The list of HR Club members is available on the HR Club website and contains standard information about the members registered under the Association - name, surname, position, company and email address. In order to access the list, it is necessary to log in to the website, in the login box on the left, with the username and password you received at the time of registration. If you are not a member of the Association yet, find out how you can join the HR Club.

At present, the HR Management Club has more than 450 members, of which approximately 26% represent human resource services providers, and 74% are active in the HR departments of foreign or Romanian companies in the country.

Regarding the seniority level, 87% are decision-makers in top and middle management positions (General Managers, Partners, Human Resources Directors, Human Resources Managers), while the other members are experts and specialists in the field of human resources management.

Most members of the Club (around 77%) are active in Bucharest, but an increasing proportion of them are active in other major cities of the country, such as Cluj Napoca, where we opened a regional office in October 2016, Timisoara, Arad or Iasi. Our members represent over 300 companies with approximately 270,000 employees.