HR Club Next Generation Summer School

HR Club Next Generation Summer School is a platform for training the best representatives of the new generations and launching their careers in the field of human resources. During the two weeks of school, the young students participate in seminars and training sessions given by renowned HR professionals, they work in teams and visit companies, thus getting familiar with the human resources domain.

Throughout the 12 editions so far, the summer school has gathered over 170 tutors and instructed over 220 students. Approximately 60% of the summer school alumni already work in human resources, in Romania or abroad. Other 20% are continuing their studies or work in NGOs. Also, some of the students received employment or internship offers in HR from the summer school tutors themselves.

The most recent edition of HR Club Next Generation Summer School took place between the 2nd and the 13th of July, 2018, at the HR Club offices in Bucharest. Details about the 12th edition of the project are available on the dedicated microwebsite.

The last editions of HR Club Next Generation Summer School: