Professionalism and Passion
for affirming human potential
We have been supporting professional excellence in human resources for over 14 years

HR Club is the Association of Human Resources Professionals in Romania. Unofficially for 22 years, officially for 14 years, we have encouraged the human resources development by supporting and promoting the best practices in the field. Starting with 2007, HR Club is a member of:

  Asociatiei Europene pentru Managementul Oamenilor (EAPM)


Federatiei Internationale a Asociatiilor din Domeniul Managementului Oamenilor (WFPMA)




Our values
Our Strategic Directions

Represent the interest of the HR community in changing the relevant legislative projects.

As a professional association, we assume the role of a representative voice of the community of human resources professionals and to undertake and support initiatives that contribute to the development of the HR function. We are members of Coalitia pentru Dezvoltarea Romaniei (the Romanian Development Coalition). The purpose of the Coalition established in May 2013 is to provide a more cohesive base in consultations with the government which impact the business climate in Romania. The Coalition works through Taskforces which offer a consultative mechanism to Ministries on specific topics relevant to their work. HR Club is part of the Labour Task Force and Education Task Force.

Consolidate the strategic role of the HR profession

This objective is accomplished through events such as CEO Power Meetings, HR Excellence Awards Gala and the HR club membership with full rights in the Romanian Development Coalition, with 19 business associations and 17 embassies. 

Increase the representativeness of the association

HR Club currently has over 450 members representing about 300 multinational and Romanian companies with 270,000 employees coming from all industries and the services sector. 80% of our members are located in Bucharest, and 84% hold executive positions. 26% represent suppliers of HR services, while 74% of them work in the HR departments of national and multinational companies. HR Club's membership is open to all professionals interested in their professional development in people management field, as well as in the Romanian HR market.

Ensure the professional development of our members through HR communities of practice.

Almost 20 years ago, when the HR function began to develop in Romania, a group of HR professionals - founding members of the HR Club – were meeting to share their knowledge and experiences about the HR and other things, to grow professionally and personally. This remained the main purpose of the HR community after the Association was founded (in 2004 ) and even now, when HR Club activity is more varied and complex .

HR Club members who, over time, were involved in various activities and projects of the Association, have not only professionally grown, but have contributed to the HR field entirely.

Support the educational process in the development of young professionals in accordance with labour market needs

In the 12 previous editions of the Summer School, over 200 students have met with over 180 tutors, HR Club members - consultants, trainers and practitioners from large Romanian and multinational companies. Approximately 60% of summer school alumni already work in human resources in Romania or abroad. Another 20 % of them continue their studies in the field or working in NGOs. Also, some students received job offers or internships in human resources even from the summer school tutors.