HR Competencies System validated by HR Club

By HR CLUB on 14 December 2015

The question we had to answer within the Professional Development Taskforce was: How should the HR Certification System looks like? And the members answered again: “We want a Certification System based on seniority levels (Generalist/middle manager/senior HR)” - 54.79% and the preferred model was (52.63%): “HR Club should develop the Competencies System and publish the guides for HR providers to develop training courses accordingly; HR Club evaluates and certifies based on the competencies system developed.” 
You can read here the results of the study.
Since these conclusions were validated within the HR Senior Meeting that took place in July we decided to go further. We are planning to have an up and running Certification System by the end of 2016 with the following steps:
Step 1: HR Competencies System validated by HR Club members by January 2016 
Step 2: Publish and promote the HR Competencies Systems to HR professionals and HR service providers – 2016
Step 3: A certification system, recognized by HR Club members, by December 2016
Where we are today: in full speed with Step 1. 
October, 20th – Professional Development Task Force meeting;
  • Objective: fine tunings of the competencies system proposed by Monica Marchis, the consultant selected for Step 1
November, 11th – Professional Development Taskforce meeting;
  • Objective: To discuss the technical and behavioral competencies within the system
November, 12th – Focus Group Bucharest;
  • Objective: to validate the technical and behavioral competencies
November, 24th – Focus Group Cluj- Napoca;
  • Objective: to validate the technical and behavioral competencies

November, 15th - December, 8th – Interviews with Senior HR professionals;

December, 15th - January, 15th – Online survey to validate the Competencies system developed;

January, 28th – Professional Development Task Force meeting: last fine tunings;

January, 31st - Launching the HR Competencies System. 


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