More than 400 HR professionals and company managers attended the 13th edition of the national HR Club conference, HighFuture Conference

By HR CLUB on 06 October 2017

The event took place on October 4 a.c. and we enjoyed the presence of 8 speakers with national and international experience, who presented new and original models of leadership, business and entrepreneurial thinking in the context of the challenges coming from the global and the local economy. Each of our guests thrilled us with their innovative ideas and concepts and made us think: are we prepared and flexible enough to meet the changes that are waiting for us?

Isaac Getz – Professor in Idea, Involvement, and Innovation Management, ESCP Europe Business School, presented the concept of a "liberated company", a type of organization where leaders relinquish excessive control and allow their employees to take initiatives and assume more responsibility. Isaac Getz autographed the Romanian edition of its book, Freedom, Inc.: How Corporate Liberation Unleashes Employee Potential and Business Performance” and let us meditate on the fact that organizations with "liberating" leaders have employees that are 9 times more loyal and 55% more creative.


Erin Meyer – Senior Affiliate Profesor in the Organizational Behaviour Department at INSEAD and author of the book "The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business", offered a practical perspective, seasoned with examples from her activity as an international consultant, regarding one of the most important business challenges of today: how we are influenced by cultural differences when we interact, in our activity, with people from all around the world. The conclusion was that the attention we pay to cultural contexts and to subtle, non-verbal cues, can make a difference between a done deal or a broken one.

During the HighFuture Pioneers session, our guests proved, through their successful entrepreneurship models, that the future is already here:

Ciprian Stanescu – President of Global Shapers Bucharest Hub, a World Economic Forum community, tackled issues contained in the conclusions of the 2016 World Economic Forum report, The Future of Jobs, among which employment trends and strategies to ensure the necessary competencies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Daniel MateiImpact Hub Bucharest Manager, talked about trends in coworking, both nationally and globally, and presented the profile of the typical user of coworking spaces, resulting from questioning 15 000 members of the global Impact Hub network.

Riccarda Zezza – Co-founder Maternity as a Master (MAAM), presented Maternity as a Master, Piano C („Plan C”) and ARG, original projects through which she offers parents, especially mothers who are in parental leave, opportunities to keep working, learning and developing professional abilities that can ease their professional reintegration later on.

Mihai Dragomir – Founding member of Mioritics Association, discussed about eco-tourism and niche tourism, a sector with a huge development potential, producing added value and real welfare in the host communities.

Cristian Covaciu – General Manager of IPEC SA, talked about the evolution of automation of various processes and about the way in which industrial robots can improve processes and contribute to a better remuneration of a company's employees.

Adrian Fako – CEO and Co-founder of Accelerole, gave a presentation about artificial intelligence in corporate training programs and about the ways in which the employees' continuous learning and development can be sustained from a technological point of view.

We send warm thanks to all speakers, participants and partners of the HighFuture Conference!

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