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HR Club is the association of Human Resources professionals in Romania. We have been meeting informally for 22 years, we have been working officially for 14 years, and our goal is to encourage Human Resources development by supporting and promoting the best practices in the field. Since 2007, HR Club has been a member of the European Association for People Management (EAPM) and of the World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA). 
Starting with 2013, we have been proud members of the Economic and Social Council (CES). In this new role, we are one of the 15 organizations representing the civic society, and we can support even better the interests of Human Resources specialists.
Currently, the HR Management Club Associations counts over 450 members, representing more than 300 companies with approximately 300,000 employees.


We represent the interests of the Human Resources community in modifying relevant legislative projects, we endeavour to stay close to business by getting involved in the Coalition for the Development of Romania and by organizing events under the HR Club brand (the National Human Resources Conference, the Human Resources Excellence Gala, CEO Power Meetings). At the same time, we strive to increase the representativeness of our professional association and the personal and professional development of its members, and we support the educational process towards developing competencies according to the requirements of the labour market (free summer school dedicated to students: HR Club Next Generation).

Find out more about our strategical directions here. 

Why join the HR Club community?

  • For professional growth through exchange of ideas, experience and best practices with colleagues and access to the latest research, trends, theories and tools;;   
  • To develop your network of professional relationships, as HR Club is a hub of HR professionals and other related professions (lawyers, accountants, etc. ), a network of communication and collaboration extremely valuable because it provides its members with specific information and support in various challenges encountered in everyday work;  
  • To contribute to the development of people management function in Romania. As each member has a chance to communicate their vision and contribute to defining this beautiful profession, he/she can be one of the people positively influencing the growth of the HR function in Romania.  
We offer you three membership packages, designed according to your needs and availability. Of course, you can upgrade anytime! Please see below the advantages that each subscription brings you: 
GOLD package - includes free access to most of the events organized by HR Club, including the Human Resources Excellence Awards Gala and the Annual HR Club Conference. The annual fee for the GOLD membership is 500 euros + 50 euros one-time registration fee.
SILVER package - includes, on top of the BRONZE package, free access to HR Club seminars.  in plus fata de pachetul BRONZE participarea gratuita la seminariile HR Club. The annual fee for the SILVER membership is 250 euros + 50 euros one-time registration fee.
BRONZE package - grants the quality of member of the Romanian HR professionals community, includes access to its communications and resources. For practitioners, it also includes the opportunity to get involved in the practice community of the industry they activate in. The annual fee for the BRONZE membership is 150 euros + 50 euros one-time registration fee.


* BRONZE and SILVER HR Club members benefit from preferential fees when signing up for HR Club events not included in the membership package.
Do you work in a different geographical area from Bucharest-Ilfov? Ask the HR Club team whether there is a regional center in your area. 
The company that you represent/in which you work offers Human Resources services? You may want to choose from one of the three SUPPLIER extraoptions and make your company known among HR professionals!

Fill in the application form and send it to us via one of the following methods:
by fax at the number 021-315 15 28
by courier to the address no. 2 Culmea Veche st., 1st floor, district 3, Bucharest.
We will contact you as soon as possible with details regarding the processing of your application.
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