HR Club Next Generation Summer School, XI edition

A new edition of the HR Club Next Generation Summer School will take place between 3-14 July, dedicated to graduate students and master students who are passionate about human resources.

The Summer School program focuses on the professional and personal development of participants through a practical and interactive approach. The result? Developing a new generation of elite HR professionals who can understand and be able to respond effectively to challenges in this area. The school includes presentations of concepts and good practices implemented in the companies in which tutors work - presentations that cover all areas of HR, personal development trainings, workshops, company visit, but also the possibility to work in teams for solving a case study that will be presented at the end of the summer school in front of a jury of HR specialists. Last but not least, the summer school provides participants with challenges, strengthens their knowledge and sets the context for new friendships.

Who can participate:
 Young people interested in human resources, with the following profile:
- students in a terminal year or master students
- Serious, proactive, energetic, with good communication skills and teamwork, English speakers
- With a touch of experience in human resources, gained through internships, volunteering in student associations, or any extra-curricular activities
- With interest in developing a career in human resources
What will the participants do?
- will meet renowned human resources professionals who will share their experience by presenting case studies and examples of best practices from the organizations they work in
- will work in team to solve a case study with other participants as passionate as they
- will have a fresh experience visiting one of our member companies.
- will have the chance to win an invitation to the National HR Club Conference programmed for autumn of 2017
- can get internships in human resources departments at member companies
- learn, make new friends, have fun
What will they learn?
About the complexity of the domain through concepts, examples of best practices, workshops, applied exercises and case studies from 7 HR areas: Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Legislation and Labor Relations, Compensation and Benefits, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Human Resource Strategy.
When and where?
The school will be held for two weeks between 3-14 July, Monday to Friday, daily between 9.00 and 18.00. The summer school classes will be held at the HR Club headquarters in Bucharest, in a spacious and luminous attic of Culmea Veche Street, no. 2, et. 1, Sector 3.
How much does it cost?
Nothing! Participating in HR Club Next Generation Summer School classes is free of charge for all selected participants. The program is a volunteer initiative of the HR professionals community who understood the need to prepare the next generation of human resources specialists to facilitate entry into the labor market by reducing discrepancies between professional training and real market demands.
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