7 Reasons To Obtain the HR Club Human Resources Certification

By HR CLUB on 31 October 2017

Continuous learning is an investment in your own career that can pay you significant dividends. Whether you plan or not to change your job, a certification can bring you a salary increase, a promotion or other benefits. For example, 90% of employers surveyed in the CompTIA Global Study (2015) reported they were more inclined to promote an employee if he or she had a professional certification. Also, according to the same study, 67% of recruiters used certifications to assess the willingness of a candidate to work hard and meet an objective, and 60% deemed certifications a confirmation of knowledge.

If you have already been active for at least 2 years as a HR practitioner and want to move on to the next level, a good starting point is the HR Club Human Resources Certification System built upon the Human Resources Competence Model© developed by us in 2016.

Why should you get a Human Resources Certification from HR Club? If you were not convinced by the statistics we quoted in the beginning, we will give you 7 more reasons:

  1. It is 100% based on Romanian realities and on actual situations arisen during the activity of the practitioners and the consultants who worked on this system. No empty theories or examples that are not adapted to the Romanian legislation!

  2. It gives you credibility, as it is granted by prestigious professionals, senior members of the professional HR community in Romania.

  3 .It attests that your experience is applicable to any industry, as the 14 business scenarios in the exam will carry you around the same number of areas.

  4. It reflects your leadership and strategy skills, appreciated in any company that values talent management.

  5. It provides you with an extra advantage and an argument for CV differentiation, proving your passion and long-term commitment to Human Resources.

  6. It is a guide towards further development in your professional career, as you go through the 3 levels: Generalist, Integrator and Strategist.

  7. If you are among the first 5 enrolled candidates for the certification session on May 21-25, 2018, you will receive a free 1-on-1 coaching session, with a duration of 2 hours, based on the results you obtained.

Do you have any questions or do you need more information about the HR Club Human Resources Certification System? Visit our dedicated page where you can read the Candidate's Guide, or write us at florina.dinca@hr-club.ro and get ready to make a career leap with a Human Resources HR Club Certification!

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