The Changing Face of HR Work

We are living in a world of constant change and evolution and our lives have changed radically during the past months from the way we live to the way we communicate, work or the way our children are schooled. For some of us it was easier, but for others it has been a difficult switch. Nevertheless, in such circumstances, adaptation is extremely important for us as individuals, but especially for businesses.

Every company had to find agile solutions to keep their employees safe, but also to make sure that the business won’t be affected. As organizations are pivoting to remote work to place employee and customer safety first, technology is crucial in keeping teams connected. Just imagine if this pandemic situation had happened decades ago. Luckily, nowadays we have all the necessary tools to stay connected from around the world and keep our business running smoothly even remote. We just need to find the best alternative.

While technology is essential in keeping teams connected, keeping spirits high and helping teams thrive during challenging times is also key. The health, safety and well-being of employees is a top priority for businesses during these unprecedented times. Productivity is also important, and with more people working from home, companies are focused on helping their employees to stay productive, connected and informed, in order to make progress on personal and professional goals. Brands with access to educational tools and material are finding creative ways to host content online so that their audience can continue learning from experts, other people and businesses. 

In times of uncertainty, customers are also looking for solutions and insights to help make the right business and personal decisions. That’s why brands are highlighting new innovations, insights and best practices to provide actionable information to customers and their broader community.

Transparency is really important, because it leads to trust and confidence in a brand. During uncertain times, openly sharing information will help keep your employees, customers and investors assured with your decision-making.

The Changing Face of HR Work is an exclusive event created by Microsoft and dedicated to the HR Business Community in Romania. This online event brings together experts from HR and IT&C sectors focusing on identifying and unlocking trends, challenges and opportunities that shape the current future of work. During this event you will explore ways to adapt to the new normal, the future of working from home, new habits, as well as Microsoft’s remote working model. Get valuable insights on ways to work confidently and rapidly adjust to market needs directly from experts! Register here.




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